Kudos to our Top-20 teams for generating some fantastic ideas on Canada’s future. We encourage you to check them out below.


Canadian Northern Corridor

Establishing a multi-modal right-of-way through Canada's north and near-north

Canada’s Boreal Corridor

Developing a permanent, multi-modal corridor linking three coasts to urbanized south

Delta Loop

Using hyperloop technology to connect major ports with multi-modal hubs

SkyNet Health

Creating a national health data system that leverages AI and data analytics


The District Bioenergy System Build-Out


Using on-road photovoltaic solar panels for energy and road heating

A Charger is Only

 One Block Away

Scaling Canada's EV charging infrastructure

Sustainable Mobility Model For Canada

Scaling fleets of autonomous electric buses (and requisite street scape)

Dispatchable Hydro-Electricity (DHE)

Developing a DHE platform of hydro and wind farms in Hudson and James Bay

Geothermal Power Generation

Developing geothermal power generation in Western Canada