Since 1990, Canada has invested heavily in public health and telecommunications, but we have spent significantly less than other OECD countries greater than population of 5M in transport, energy, and utilities investments—areas that are critical to fueling and supporting our economic growth. 

This trend is not new. In transportation, Canada has remained in the 3rd quartile from 1990 to 2016, with the exception of 2009 where spending was just over the median.


In energy, after periods in the bottom quartile from 1996-1999, investment picked up post 2000 to land us in the 2nd quartile, but just barely. 

Further, while other countries have stepped up investment in newer technologies to modernize their infrastructure assets—for example, Spain’s high speed rail network and Chicago’s O’Hare Airport expansion—much of Canada’s key infrastructure still relies on older technology.




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