The scale of Canada’s infrastructure deficit is difficult to estimate precisely. There currently exists no national source on the stock and condition of infrastructure assets in Canada. Fortunately, Statistics Canada is currently undertaking a survey to shed more light on the issue. When complete, it will report on the stock, condition, performance and asset management strategies associated with Canada’s core public infrastructure. 

In addition, a number of prominent think tanks and thought leadership institutions have attempted to size Canada’s infrastructure deficit.


Estimates range from $50B to $570B with most averaging between $110B and $270B. The consensus opinion
is that Canada should be investing significantly more capital
in infrastructure.

Over the past 10 years, the federal government has responded
by increasing investments in infrastructure and launching targeted initiatives, such as the creation of the Canada Infrastructure
Bank. However, the federal government will not be able
to tackle this issue alone. Provinces, municipalities and
the private sector will also need to play prominent roles
in reforming Canada’s infrastructure. 



For anyone interested in the challenges and opportunities for infrastructure in Canada, download the complete document.