A Charger is Only

 One Block Away

Scaling Canada's EV charging infrastructure

Canada 2.0 Project

Developing a blockchain enabled platform for citizens to share data with government

Canada’s Boreal Corridor

Developing a permanent, multi-modal corridor linking three coasts to urbanized south

Canadian Advanced Hydrologic Network

Building a network for 30K water monitoring sensors to track and analyze water data

Canadian Northern Corridor

Establishing a multi-modal right-of-way through Canada's north and near-north


Scaling a digital connectivity 5G platform across Canada

Delta Loop

Using hyperloop technology to connect major ports with multi-modal hubs

Dispatchable Hydro-Electricity (DHE)

Developing a DHE platform of hydro and wind farms in Hudson and James Bay

Electric Airship Transportation System

Scaling a cargo airship transport system for the Canadian North

Geothermal Power Generation

Developing geothermal power generation in Western Canada

IceGrid: A Renewable Energy Microgrid for Nunavut

De-carbonizing the energy grids of Nunavut communities

Indigenous Infrastructure Investment Trust (3IT)

Developing a framework for financing infrastructure in indigenous communities

Inzem Energy

Carbon-free energy from recycling Canada’s Nuclear Fuel Waste

Redefining the Waste and Water Utility Model

Transforming WWTPs to process food waste and reduce GHGs

SkyNet Health

Creating a national health data system that leverages AI and data analytics

Smart Roads

Upgrading Canada's data road infrastructure


Using on-road photovoltaic solar panels for energy and road heating

Sustainable Mobility Model For Canada

Scaling fleets of autonomous electric buses (and requisite street scape)

Taking The High Road

Developing road lanes with ability wirelessly charge EVs and reduce range anxiety


The District Bioenergy System Build-Out